Privacy Policy

We have a fertile tradition of delivering top stories, news, experiences and characters to our visitors from all over the globe and our website has been made for the entertainment and awareness of our visitors or users.

Our Privacy policy is planned to offer more transparence process into our privacy exercises and rules, in latest arrangements that is easier to go through and make an understanding. We proceed to handle your information with lots of care and respect. Policy of Posting Comments:

The Linkhigher Post has a very lively and profitable user groups and urges in an active manner to commenting on different news stories and posts. Linkhigher is committed to this community and to exert much effort to keep a respectful, delighting and informative communication. To make sure all our intentions, we have formulated some rules for commenting. They are imposed 24 hours by an advance features, a group of staff and moderators, and latest tools. If you would like to make a participation in our community, we would require you to adopt the rules below.

If your comments deliberately or in consistent manners make this community uncivil and less pleasurable place, you along with your comments will be deleted from this community.

The Linkhigher Post encourages an idea, clear and civil environment for commenting and visitors. Vital, exhaustive and knowledgeable conversation and argues are promoted and the top of these are prominent in several ways. Everybody is welcomed and urged to write their belief regardless of identification, politics, and religion or correspond with other member of the community, the writer of comment exists as long as those sentiments are full of respect and an addition to the debate in a constructive manners. Nevertheless, this community will never tolerate direct or indirect aggresses, abusive language or insults etc. These sort of comments will be deleted from the page where submitted.

For the maintenance of a civil environment, Linkhigher’s moderation staff might see the comments earlier they are exhibited to other visitors.

Each person in this community has the rights and obligation in helping to lift the degree of discussion and take out the trolling that would cheapen it. By carrying these normal actions assists contribute top message to the top and delete worse material rapidly. Community holders who continuously and faithfully flag remarks that are deleted by our team might be given extra features that will let them to conceal or delete comments completely. We took this power very severely and if you discover any of the community member pretending unsuitably, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Every Individual’s sentiment is important and valuable. Guessing to be somebody else deletes that unique value of you or of other members. Don’t represent falsely yourself or others,

Disseminate fake information. If try to do so you will build this community a less pleasurable spot to be and you will be kicked out after we see it.

We have a strong belief that our Post must be a safe place for our visitors and their Ideology.

For example, violent and abusive material or potential violence and abuses will never be

Welcomed here. If you in direct or indirect manners pose a threat of a member of this website,

or a person or group who is being discussed in the article, you will be deleted right away. If

you found any harassment, threats, or abusive language please do not hesitate to let us know