How Does Social Justice Influence Changing Times

Social justice helps to create a relationship of man with the society in which he lives, which is just and fair. The man does not suffer because the society is unable to provide him with his basic human rights. Although inequality is not an economic issue, it does affect the economy profoundly. Keeping up with global economic change would be possible only if social justice is truly implemented in any society including UK. It is currently being achieved in Britain through growth and distribution analysis. Changing times demand more and more people to enter into self-employment, an access to share capital, and productive environment for skills development.
As it is often quoted; nothing is permanent except change. Not only the environment we live in changes, but everything including time changes. This change is unnoticeable on a day to day basis but pretty soon we realize that we have entered an entirely different era where our needs have changed. To adjust with these changing times, we have to review our policies and especially the ones that revolve around social justice and giving equal rights to all people living in a society.

Security and Conflict

Securing social justice is one area that needs considerable attention because if it is not practiced in a secure environment, it is not going to last. There are some areas that states should securitise, such as climate change, domestic and gender-based violence, terrorism, forced migration, etc. Not only governments but also non-government organizations are also taking steps in UK to securitise these departments to some extent in order to minimize conflict. Another area that affects social justice advancement is the change of power. Whenever power shifts, inequality, violence and exclusions become a norm.

Living with Environmental Change

Another area that experiences rapid change is the environment. If environmental change is not followed, social justice will greatly suffer. Climate change on the whole has a huge impact on regions where water and food is scarce and people are already suffering. Similarly, there are serious threats to human health imposed by global warming and therefore living with environmental change calls for an immediate plan of action in the context of social justice. It has also been predicted that if climate change is not controlled, there will be a conflict among nations on an international level in the years to come because climate change also produces a number of environmental refugees that have to migrate to safer areas to survive. These vulnerabilities have a direct influence on global equity issues that relate to social justice.

Changing Cultures

In order to adjust well with changing cultures, every individual will have to work first by practicing self-awareness. Self-awareness means knowing our own views on various aspects of society, such as immigration laws, inter-religion and gay marriages, adoptions, and so on. Everyone needs to recognize his or her position in society, know their basic rights, and how to fight for them in order to survive cultural change over time. Socially just cultural competence also calls for community partnership and self-analysis to realize social justice in all walks of life.

How Does Social Justice Enable Global Development

Social justice does not affect the economy directly but if inequalities exist in a society, the highly skilled and talented people from low-income backgrounds don’t get a chance to thrive and hence cannot contribute positively to the betterment of a country. The same is true for global development. If a country falls behind because of its unacceptable social policies, that country would not be able to participate in global development and earn benefits by doing so.